Fet Bondye Bo Lanme 2012: Day 2

Today was even hotter than yesterday but that didn’t stop us from hosting an even better day of camp!

Videos seem to be taking a while to upload.  If they aren’t posted this week, they will be posted upon our return!

Some highlights from Day 2:

  • A chorus of campers singing “World’s Greatest” on the camp stage
  • Campers learning about water filters and how to install and clean them
  • Traveling to La Montagne and visiting Verbo’s parents

Things we have to look forward to:

  • Two more days of dancing, laughing, singing, eating, praying and FUN
  • A trip to Cayes Jacmel for swimming, and another trip for our Gran Fet (Big Party) on Thursday
  • A concert from the Tetkole Band
  • Camp closing with distribution of the hygiene kits that we assembled with your help

On Friday we will head to visit HELP and then continue up the mountain to Wings of Hope in Fermathe.