HTF Youth Trip 2012: Days 3-6

Day 3

Approaching Day 3 of Fet Bondye Bo Lanme our crew felt confident about the first half of the week but we were reminded that the third quarter is the most important part of a game.  Together we realized the most cohesive day of camp any of us had experienced yet.

After camp we traveled to the beach for a fun afternoon of swimming in the ocean and relaxing on a beautiful beach just past Cayes-Jacmel.

Day 4

On our final day of camp we distributed 300 hygiene kits to the children and monitors that attended camp all week.  Our system for distributing this year was much less chaotic; instead of handing them out in the room where we held closing, the kits were given as campers and monitors exited Trinity House.  In addition to hygiene kits, some wooden toy cars were also given to the children.

After taking some time to breathe, we all went to a library close to Hotel Florita where we saw the Tetkole Band perform six songs.  The intermission and closing acts were juggling performances from Sergot, a member of the Tetkole family.

To celebrate the week of camp we all enjoyed a feast of spicy fish, plaintains, conch, and lobster in Cayes-Jacmel.

Day 5

Before departing from Trinity House, the Trinity House boys sang a farewell to our group and we gathered around and laid hands on the boys to bless them.

To begin the second part of our trip we visited HELP (Haitian Education and Leadership Program) where we learned more about the program and heard from students supported by HTF.  The students and the staff at HELP truly appreciate HTF’s support and have confidence that HTF will always “have their back”.

Our sleeping arrangements divided us between House of Blessings and Wings of Hope.  House of Blessings is in Kenscoff, just up the hill from Wings of Hope in Fermathe.

Day 6

In the morning we all came together at Wings of Hope to hold a mini camp for the children at Wings of Hope.  We sang songs, played instruments, made tissue paper flowers, and listened to the creation story together.  We also got to help feed the children at Wings of Hope during lunch.  Some of us were tired or sick and had the opportunity to rest.

In the afternoon we all took a walking tour of Fermathe that included stops at Maya’s beverage business, the old/future site of Wings of Hope, the Baptist Mission and Maya’s House.  Before half of the group left for House of Blessings for the night, Maya shared his story of growing up as an orphan and a restavek and how he came to be a leader in the St. Joseph’s family.  If you aren’t familiar with Maya’s story, you can see it here:

Tonight in devotions we discussed Matthew 8 and the idea of getting lost to be found.  We are each absorbing and seeing different things that are challenging our hearts and our minds.  Upon our return we may be lost, so we pray that you may walk with us patiently as we wait for Jesus to find us.