Fan the flame

On our last night in Haiti together, the group that participated in the HTF youth trip at the beginning of July shared reflections and encouragement for keeping Haiti and our HTF family on our hearts and minds.  

The bullet point version of these thoughts below:

  • I’m going to convince my dad to come to Haiti
  • I am going to sponsor a child
  • My mind is scrambled, things at home will still be the same.  I am struggling.
  • Appreciation for family, material comforts, basic needs fulfilled
  • Accessibility of people here
  • This will impact the relationships I have with people at home, especially those who have not had this experience
  • The streets and cars are very different
  • Everything at home is so quiet
  • God will be at work in us, breaking us down and transforming us
  • Feeling like a stranger among friends and family
  • Frustrations with trying to communicate this experience, with the way people live at home
  • God has granted us a huge gift; we are empowered to help, not guilty for having
  • Turn righteous anger into productive service
  • Beautiful people–just need resources

Have you had some of these same feelings or thoughts? Has anyone shared these thoughts with you?