HTF: Provider of water filters for the people of Haiti

Dear HTF family,


Sorry for taking that long to send you the report of the water filter distributions. I want to thank you all HTF people in behalf of all the participants of the summer camp this year called FET BONDYE BON LANMER KAY WOLF in Jacmel, Haiti 2012. Because of your great supports and contributions about 300 haitian people are now drinking clean and purify water at their homes. 

Just for you to know, after the HTF’s group have left in July 10 I went back to Jacmel July 12 for getting ready for saturday July 14 which was the training and distributions of the water filters. It took me two days to washed the buckets and installation of the filters into the buckets. The training was Trinity House and held in the multi-purpose room at the LST. That day of the training and distributions we have about 245 parents represents. The training was about 40 to 50 minutes and another 1 hour for the distributions which we did by group of 10 people. On Monday morning before I left Jacmel I gave out a filter to each of the Trinity employees and to some other people in the community and I left 12 filters with Verbo just in case that other people come to him said they didn’t get their filter he can have some to give out. there were 37 filters left I sent 5 the St. Joseph’ home employees and 30 the all the Wings employees. 

There are 11 photos attach to this email one of them a group photo of some the Wings employees with the water filters.

 Once again thank you HTF and whoever contributed to the water filters project while life to about 300 haitian people, for clean water is life!

I personally looking forward to continued through HTF donors and supporters to providing these water filters to other poor villages and communities in Haiti, That all may have life!


God’s peace and blessings to you all!