Below– a letter from a CLM caseworker following up on this story from an HTF youth trip in July 2012.  Let’s continue to give thanks that we have the capacity to help lift families out of the bottom rung of poverty and provide hope through Chemen Lavi Miyo.  To learn more about how you can join us in our “It’s Not your Birthday” campaign and support CLM, visit http://htflive.nextmeta.com/content.cfm?id=335.

Dear Pastor Rick,

I’ve been meaning to write you for some time about the extra investment you made when you met Ilosemène, who was living with her family in a CLM member’s home.

You probably remember the story. Ilosemène had lost everything she had when her house burned down. Charité, who is a CLM member living in Gran Zèb in Western Boucan Carré, is her communion-sister. That is to say that they were part of the same communion class. She invited Ilosemène and her family into her home, and began to share the very little she had. Before that, Charité had begun to make real progress thanks to her own hard work and the support of her very committed case manager, Georges Zetraine, but the extra drag on the household’s resources was threatening to drag her down again.

But thanks to your gift and his ingenuity, Georges was able to get Ilosemène out of Charité’s house and into one of her own. She now has goats and a small pig, and is beginning to make real progress of her own.

Hébert has insisted that the two case managers currently working for HTF – Georges and Anderson – graduate 100% of the members they are responsible for. But it now appears the Georges will do better than that. Ilosemène should be ready to graduate with a cohort that she was not supposed to be a part of. He’ll graduate 51 out of 50 members, or 102%.

We are very grateful for the extra support you offered that made this possible. Without it, both Ilosemène’s family and Charité’s would be in very difficult shape.

The photos are of Ilosemène and her daughter, and of the little girl and their two goats.


Steven Werlin