Immersed in True Life

In the United States there are 1,429,801 tax-exempt organizations, including 966,599 public charities, 96,584 private foundations, and 366,618 other types of nonprofit organizations (source:  When you multiply those numbers by people and dollars, the product would suggest that we have a solution for any problem.

But this isn’t simple math.  The reality is that many nonprofits do many good things in service of our world, but they also contribute to our isolation from real people.  So when asked what HTF builds, we are proud to answer, “relationships”.  A major part of HTF is what we call immersion trips, where people come with us to Haiti to visit our partners, to see the work that they do, to ask questions about Haiti and about themselves.  On these trips people quickly realize that the problems facing Haiti are way beyond their grasp.  But by the end of a week we join hands with people who we thought lived two worlds away and call them Sister. Call them Brother. Call them Mama.  And this is how a little change goes a long way.

The images below provide an example of the kinds of things you might help build during an immersion trip with HTF.

Games-a very efficient way to build relationships that last!

Building Hope through sharing a meal.

We all speak the language of music.

Building the future through education.

Games, again-it’s true!

Proximity sometimes means you make forced best friends.

You learn a lot about people when you walk with them. The journey is easier with a friend.

Sometimes you make one friend and they introduce you to the neighborhood.

A new house is a great occasion for inviting friends and family.

Porch sittin’. Sharing time and receiving the gift of the best coffee in the world!

Building accessibility.

If you’d like to learn more about immersion trips or how you can join our relationship-building crew, take a look at