3 years, 2 kids, 1 tent, and $500 in the bank!

A reflection from Greg Bennett, in Haiti with a group from Columbine High School this week:

Spent the day on the Central Plateau of Haiti and was changed forever! Met several women in our CLM program, including this one woman I want to share with you (trying to attach a picture but struggling with it for some reason)…my prayer is that she will inspire and haunt you as she has me. Let me paint the picture…after the earthquake she and her husband and two kids were living in a relative’s kitchen pantry closet…then she got a UN tent where they’ve been over the past 3 years…3 years in a tent with 2 kids, imagine that for 2 weekends!!…then she qualified for the CLM program 8 months ago and this little dynamo has turned her 2 commerce areas (pigs and flies (chickens or turkeys) into that plus more)…she is so proud, while i was there she even…pause for breaking down a bit, seriously….brought out her bank book to show me and her case worker that she’s saved $500…God I wanted to shove her in my backpack and bring the whole bunch home. What that drive and spirit would do with opportunity? Her only curse is she was born there and I was born in the states. I realized how greedy, and selfish I am…we all are. Ugh!!! This always happens here right? 

I am writing this on the last night high above the city where 3 years we were here after the quake. I honestly don’t know how these people exist in this hot and dusty crazy place…but St. Joe’s goes to prove…with God, ALL things are possible.