Language of love: Eske ou konprann kreyol?

Happy Monday!  As a new week starts with opportunities to learn before us, it’s a great time to talk about learning a new language.

This is how Dr. Jane Aronson feels about learning Kreyol/Creole:

The use of their words will bring me into their hearts and them into mine. That will make the work sublime.


This summer 40 people from Georgia and Colorado will travel to Haiti to help put on the Best. Summer Camp. EVER.  Right now as they raise money, get the appropriate shots, and plan for the camp, they are also learning Creole.  Learning a language is hard work.  And probably none of us will be fluent by the time of, or even after our trip.  But we will continue to learn because as supporters of and believers in HTF, we know that speaking another’s language is a great way to uphold the dignity of others and to simply relate.

If you would like to learn or practice your Creole the books below (found on Amazon) will help you get started.