HTF's mission is to foster a future of hope and sustainability with dignity.

HTF's vision is that ALL may have life.

Guiding Principles and Values

  1. We are committed to being, thinking, and acting as the most highly effective grassroots movement we can be.

  2. We understand ourselves as being entrepreneurial venture capitalists, willing to take risks and invest in capable Haitians who have initiatives that align with our mission, who have staying power, and who hold great promise to be able to multiply and replicate their efforts with our support.
  3. We recognize that we are often the “first to believe” in people and a project, and expect that our belief and the results will generate a multiplication of our funding from others who are less venturous.
  4. We are committed to maintaining a track record that consistently picks “winners” who concretely achieve our mission with integrity and character and generate movement from dependency towards self-sustainability.

  5. We will always come through on our promises. We will never make a promise we cannot keep. We commit to having staying power in supporting our partners.

  6. We fully honor and respect the Haitian people, their culture, and their religious beliefs. We also believe in the creativity, faith, character, and gifts of the Haitian people to take full ownership of their future.
  7. We only invest in initiatives led by Haitians or that have a clear plan for ultimate Haitian leadership.

  8. We so respect and believe in the capacity of those in whom we invest that we never become owners, shareholders, or co-business partners. Thus, the role of HTF includes keeping clear boundaries with regard to where our investment ends and where our partners’ responsibility begins.
  9. The record of receipt and use of funds must be fully transparent. We are always fully accountable to all donors for the appropriate stewardship of the funding we receive.

  10. With a mission to create a future of hope, sustainability, and dignity for the children of Haiti, we will be advocates for any organization that aligns with our values and mission.

  11. We will always speak positively for and on behalf of Haiti.

  12. As an organization that seeks an alternative future for the children of Haiti, we are advocates for all abused, neglected, and enslaved children, and are committed to ending such atrocities by any means. We pledge to work with any and all authorities who work for justice for the children.
  13. We commit to funding just enough administrative expenses so as to be prudent, creative, and wise in providing the basic infrastructure we need to be excellent in our mission.

  14. As partners, we not only promise to provide funding resources for Haiti, but also our prayers, full encouragement, and support to those who are at work on the front line of service on our behalf in Haiti.