On the Ground. Empowering Others.

We are a high impact, clearly focused, grassroots movement that has been bringing hope, sustainability, and dignity to the children and people of Haiti for almost 20 years. We believe in education, economic development, community engagement, and local leadership.

In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, while other organizations were searching for how to best respond and make a difference, we had volunteers on the ground in Haiti within 48 hours after the quake. Authorities pointed to us as great stewards of resources and as one of the most highly effective organizations creating transformation in Haiti.

But we’re not creating the real transformation---it’s our Haitian partners. We find and empower the Haitian people who are doing the right things in the right ways and ask, “How can we multiply and make you better at what you do?” Through these partnerships, we have helped affect countless life-changing outcomes for the children and youth of Haiti.

Pou tout moun kapab gen lavi! That all may have life!

We Focus In Three Powerful Areas