Sponsor A Life Changing Initiative

Chemen Lavi Miyo (CLM)

$1,500 per participant

Chemen Lavi Miyo or “The pathway to a better life” inititative empowers Haiti’s poorest women to lift themselves out of ultra-poverty, with hope and vision for their futures.

How does CLM work?

Using a graduation model , Fonkoze’s CLM program employs specially trained case managers to work with CLM members throughout an intensive 18-month process to help women build sustainable livelihoods and the  confidence and skills necessary to further grow them and create a better life for themselves and their families.

To begin, CLM provides each member with the productive assets – such as livestock or a commerce inventory – needed to start two income generating activities.  All CLM members also receive  the materials to construct a 9×9 meter home with a sturdy roof, a stable floor, and a latrine; and a water filter.

Each member also receives a small cash stipend while her fledgling business grows and free healthcare in partnership with Zanmi Lasante, Partners in Health’s Haitian sister organization.

But the CLM case managers remain at the heart of the program. Case managers make weekly visits to every member, which often require overnight stays and hours-long hikes to reach women in Haiti’s most remote locations.

During their visits, CLM case managers provide each member with confidence-building, enterprise management, and life skills training. They also help each woman to successfully navigate the unique challenges she encounters throughout the process and to build a plan for her future as she moves forward. In turn, the women provide the hard work, determination and resilience to succeed.

The CLM Track Record

  • After joining CLM 86% of participants are no longer food insecure

  • 80% of the 2017 graduates can now read and write their name

  • After joining CLM 100% of participants now have a tin roof or better!

  • 97% of participants successfully graduate from the program

How Does HTF Partner with CLM?

HTF remains one of the largest financial supporters of CLM. Over the last 10 years HTF has sponsored 500 women in the program. HTF is committed to funding CLM cohorts of 100 women at a time! With your support, we hope to grow our sponsorship to 150 participants.

Haitian Education & Leadership Program

$9,000/year per student

HELP’s mission is to create, through merit and needs based scholarships, a community of young professionals and leaders who will promote a more just society in Haiti.

We envision a Haiti where every Haitian has access to quality education, the opportunity to live up to his or her potential, and the ability to contribute to a just and prosperous society.

How Does HELP Work?

HELP awards university scholarships to the brightest Haitian students, who without financial assistance would never be able to further their education. HELP scholars receive:

  • Classes at an internationally accredited university in Haiti.

  • Textbooks and supplies.

  • Housing in HELP dorms and living stipends.

  • Academic advising and counseling.

  • IT curriculum: 2-year program in computer literacy.

  • English curriculum: HELP’s 4-year program, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, introduces students to literature, poetry, and theatre. Classes are taught by native speakers, including two full-time volunteers who also serve as resident advisors in HELP dorms, giving students additional opportunities to advance their English outside the classroom.

  • Leadership & Citizenship curriculum: HELP’s unique 4-year curriculum uses our five pillars – respect, rigor, courage, sacrifice, and service – as the foundation for teaching leadership, with a focus on community service and social change.

  • Career services and internships with local businesses and NGOs.

  • Study abroad opportunities at Dartmouth College and Cornell University

The HELP Track Record

  • 40% of HELP students are on the deans list compared to only 8% overall of students in Haiti.

  • 80% of HELP graduates remain in Haiti compared to only 16% overall.

  • 90% of HELP graduates are employed upon graduation compared to only 50% overall.

  • The average annual income of a Haitian is only $820. HELP graduates have an average annual income of $14,900.

How does HTF Partner With HELP?

Currently HTF sponsors 18 HELP students, with a commitment to each student for the entirety of their program. HTF was one of the very first foundations to believe in the HELP’s mission. Because your financial support is pooled with a wide base of support from others, HTF is able to make promises that we keep! Donations in any amount will go towards extending more scholarships to deserving students.

HTF also partners with HELP by providing summer internship opportunities for students.