Become A Child Sponsor

$360 Year

HTF is proud to partner with a number of Haitian organizations whose primary work is to care for and education children. Sponsorship connect two people - a sponsor with a generous heart and a child living in need.

Sponsor a Child In Three Easy Steps

  1. Decide which program you wish to sponsor (see below)

  2. Complete the sponsorship form below

  3. Set up your automatic payment or mail a check to

    The Haitian Timoun Foundation

    1350 Peachtree Indistrial Blvd.

    Suwanee, GA 30024

Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope is a home for over 30 children and adults with physical and mental challenges in Jacmel, Haiti. The residents of Wings will never “graduate” from the program and will be cared for the rest of their lives. Sponsoring a Wings resident helps provide a life of dignity and hope!

Lekòl Sen Trinite (Trinity House)

Trinity House is a tuition free school for children in Jacmel, Haiti. Lekòl Sen Trinite serves approximately 150 students, with both morning and afternoon sessions, including a Montessori preschool. Classes go beyond simply academics with programs in art, dance and music.

Besides receiving an education, the students are also fed every school day. After school programs include tutoring, karate, and a cooking class. 

Living Faith

Living Faith is a tuition free school for children in Jacmel, Haiti in the 7th, 8th, & 9th grades. Living Faith enables many children who have graduated from Trinity House to continue their education.

Rejoice Program

The Rejoice Program allows children who are still trapped in the system of child slavery in Haiti the opportunity to participate in educational classes, have access to hygiene and medical care, increase their self-esteem and create a support system.

Programs for the parents of the students, to help them out of extreme poverty and enrich their lives, are also offered.

Pazapa (Step by step)

PAZAPA has been providing treatment and  education for and raising awareness about children with special needs since 1987.  PAZAPA provides services for the entire Southeast department of Haiti.  In addition to providing clinics and outreach to reach families learning to raise children with disabilities, PAZAPA advocates for the integration of children with disabilities in mainstream schools and works to reduce their stigmatization in society.

Sponsorship Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to donate all $360 at once?

No. The cost of the sponsorship is payable monthly ($30), Quarterly ($90), or annually ($360).

When I sponsor a Child, What Do I receive?

We will send you information about your child, including a photo and a quick start guide to child sponsorship. You’ll also be able to receive updates about your child throughout the year.

What % of the cost of sponsorship Goes towards the child/Program?

100% of the $360/year benefits your child through supporting the program or home they are enrolled within.

Can I sponsor A Child for multiple Years?

Yes. Our hope is that your child sponsorship will last for as long as your child is enrolled in their program. *Wings of Hope participants are permanent residents. Once your child graduates from their program we assign your sponsorship to another child in need.

Can I visit My Child?

Possibly. HTF leads multiple immersion trips to Haiti every year. An important part of an immersion trip is visiting the program where people sponsor children. If you are traveling on an immersion trip, we will do our best to help you connect with your child. Learn more about immersion trips.

For more information about child sponsorship contact Julie Sutton.