Moving Forward in Community

One of HTF's favorite phrases is, "We need Haiti more than Haiti needs us."  As North Americans, we may be rich in terms of material and financial resources, but Haitians have much to teach us about the value of community, of perseverance, of hope and so much more.

Our vision that ALL may have life unites us and causes us to pursue true life.  For some this may mean giving some things up, and for some it may mean receiving things that ought to be fundamental human rights.

We have been told numerous times by our partners in Haiti that it is easy to write a check, but what sets HTF apart is how we continue to show up.  HTF cultivates community between Haiti and North America by bringing North Americans to Haiti and by bringing Haitians to North America.  As an organization, we have grown organically through relationships and extended our reach while remaining true to our guiding principles and values. Bringing HTF supporters and partners together to talk and to listen empowers us to walk together in transforming the world.

Community in action allowed HTF to respond after the 2010 earthquake by bringing emergency medical supplies and assisting a team that included HELP students and saved many people from having to amputate limbs.  Years after this emergency and disaster response are over and many have moved on, HTF remains in Haiti, committed for the long haul.

Community in action allowed HTF to resource water projects in the home communities of our partners by providing filtration systems and then raising up leaders in these communities to maintain these systems.  

Community in action allows HTF to bring together partners from HELP, Tetkole, Pazapa, and the St. Joseph's family to hold a summer camp in Jacmel for more than 300 children each year.

As we move forward in community, there is no single leader.  We walk, side by side, on a path that gives life to  ALL.