The traditional NGO model of flooding Haiti with resources has not been effective.

HTF knows this model is ineffective because it doesn't empower;  aid unaccompanied by long-term vision creates dependency.  

In order for Haiti to grow and thrive, it must be able to sustain its own leadership. HTF raises up leaders by supporting education at all levels, by showing street children alternative futures, and by affirming the dignity of every human.  If you travel with HTF and meet our partners in Haiti, you will know that Haitians do not lack skills, motivation, or vision. Our grassroots model identifies existing programs and organizations with Haitian leaders and simply asks, "How can we support you?" and "How can we help you be better?"

Our support of the Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP) ensures that young people have access to college and can not only find opportunity in their own country, but be a part of creating it! The St. Joseph Family brings children from the streets, provides them with a family, shows them that they have inherent worth, and raises them up to show others the same.  Women in Fonkoze's CLM Program begin with no financial worth to speak of and no self-worth by their own beliefs.  At the end of CLM's 18-month program, they are ready to continue climbing the staircase out of poverty and help others on the same journey.

In addition to developing leaders within Haiti, HTF is developing a new kind of leadership in the people that travel with us to Haiti and those that hear HTF's story.

This kind of leadership challenges the western value of individualism and asks, "How can we use our different abilities to contribute to the communities of which we are a part?"