When you sponsor a child through HTF, you are giving JOY!

(Photo taken from St. Joseph’s Family Facebook page). Steve from Wings of Hope laughs with Joy as he takes part in the horse riding therapy program.

Thursday is the most anticipated day of the week for the kids who participate in the Wings of Hope horse riding therapy session. Every Thursday morning the group — Pierre, Erique, Sadraque, Raoul, Steve, Dieufort, Gesner, Frank Ely, Jozye, Lazar and Josephine (and staff member Vivianne) — takes the long ride down to Port-au-Prince to the stables and meet up with Paco, their instructor, and his staff. The kids watch as the horses are groomed and saddled, and them lead them to the ring. Each kid takes his or her turn riding, doing exercises and interacting with the horses. There is joy and happiness overflowing out of the ring. Since the Wings of Hope kids have started this program, not only have they gained physical strength and abilities, but also have increased their self-confidence and social skills. It is an amazing thing to see!