Water Project #2: Lanbodan

Sam Carpenter, a friend of HTF’s, helped the village of Lanbodan obtain drinkable water by setting up water-purifying stations near water sources. Lanbodan, the hometown of HTF’s Maya (Luckner) Fond-Rose, is a community of about 3000 people near the city of Jeremie.  Cholera has had a devastating effect on Landbodan; last year the village lost 125 people.

Before the water project, villagers typically walked at least ½ mile to get water from an unclean source.  This unclean water was used for drinking, bathing, washing and cooking.  Over the course of 3 days, Sam Carpenter worked with the community to set up 28 water stations with filters.  The water stations with filters will eliminate water-borne diseases including cholera.  

Clean water will greatly improve the health of the community of Lanbodan and provide a solid foundation for a future of hope, sustainability and dignity.

The road to Lanbodan

Water source

Contaminated water

Guides and helpers for the water project

The water systems at one of the water stations

Maya educating the people about water

More water education