Last Tuesday our family at Tetkole lost Toto, who was living at the temporary shelter.    Toto wasn’t allowed an enjoyable childhood.  He was abandoned at a hospital and then referred to Tetkole.  Despite his difficult start in life, Tetkole’s director, Benito, said that Toto was a very happy boy who loved to dance. At Tetkole Toto loved to play games.  He attended school at Pazapa and was a star in Pazapa’s Carnival festivities. He lived with Epilepsy, which ultimately claimed his life.  Benito sent the report below:

I am so sorry! it’s with sadness in my heart i let you all know FTK loses one child (the new boy) with epileptic fit the tuesday 13/03 2012 in the morning in the shelter. fortunately IBESR(ibesr is a state ministry in jacmel) STANDS UP with us, before putting him in mortuary (morgue) we found a judge to make a juridique report. we plan for the funeral next week. i’ll let know the exact day

We join our Tetkole family in their sadness and continue with our mission to bring hope, sustainability and dignity to the children of Haiti.

We thank God for the life of Toto and for bringing him into the loving hands of Tetkole.