The Water Purification System in Jacmel

The Water Purification’ system in Jacmel- Haiti.
Prepared By: Verbo, JEAN JULIEN

Many disease that hit people in Haiti is due to the dirty water.  For about two to three decade, studies showed that families spent more money yearly for health care than everything in their in their whole life.  The dusty water killed children, men and women among the poorest of the poor because simply they don’t have access to clean water. After the quake in January 2010 95% drinkable water in Haiti comes from others countries. Many ONGs are involved in helping people provide enough water for people who need it.

Ten Months after the earthquake, October 20th, people in the central plateau (Mirbalais) revolted against a new sickness, called CHOLERA. In one month, Cholera spread out in almost the whole country and Jacmel especially.  In ten months after October 20th, Cholera killed more than three thousand (3000) people. Thankfully, no one died from TETKOLE until now because, we realized a lot of preventions, and education to help all children that we promised protection, sustainability, dignity and Hope for a better tomorrow.

To continue our education and prevention in the community, TETKOLE requested a water purification system from HAITIAN TIMOUN FOUNDATION (HTF).  In collaboration with HTF, the UNIVERSITY of COLORADO funded that water purification system for Fondation “TETKOLE Pou yon Demen Miyò”. Actually, a local company call DOM WATER is the official contractor who brought the equipment from the Dominican Republic, transported them to Jacmel Haiti and installed them in a room at TETKOLE’s temporary shelter in Beaudouin. This project will provide clean water for the children at TETKOLE, people who are living in the community of Beaudouin and outskirts, also the project provides jobs (3) creation. Darline Gregroire has a part time Job and Dieucibon Sevère a full time Job the third one, she is from the community of Beaudouin.

We still are waiting a letter from the health Department, before sending a sample the National laboratory for the final test. Actually, the staff is in training, practicing until we have the final test from national laboratory.

On behalf of TETKOLE’staff, children, parents and community, we want to present our gratitude to University of Colorado, John carpenter, Rick Barger and the whole leadership team of HTF.

“The Tetkole Family and the community of Beadouin say thank you very much!!!”