Sandy Update from Verbo Jean Julien, HTF Development Director in Haiti

First report: Hurricane Sandy

Sandy eyes were in Jamaica, Cuba and Caiman Island.  The Haitian Authorities invited the Haitian population to observe the 48h of alert on the hurricane Sandy. In the south east department, the local authorities was decided since Tuesday afternoon to close school and suggest half day of market in the Whole South east just to avoid the human lost.

Tuesday night, Sandy Started with very intermittence rains from low to moderate and develop rapidly in Haiti. Early Wednesday, the Local authorities was started the evacuation and all residents who lives in the potentially and dangerous areas were moved and their reception and care in the safe areas.

            The Centre d’Operation d’ Urgence departemental (COUD) was starting their operation on time and the private sector came to reinforce the COUD to collect the information’s from different communes and sections communal in the southeast.

            The situation environmental of Haiti makes Haiti more vulnerable in term of Naturel disaster.

Two months ago we have sent this this report relative to ISAAC. We only have a chance to distribute food for 136 families in Marigot (Nan Turette) and distribution Chlorine, soap and bokits in 42 different schools in Lamontagne-Jacmel.

Now, we need to double our intervention in term of Food distribution, preparedness on Cholera outbreak, education

Immediate actions:

·       Distribution Hygiene kits + education and sensibilisation on Cholera: many latrines destroyed or in the flooding / Risk of Cholera/ Typhoid’s and malaria

·       Security Kits:  material to repair the damages houses (nails, woods, metal roof…Cortex (girl or women), mattresses, sheets, kitchen materials, food……

·       A storage place to secure the materials or donations.

·       Transport of those immediate actions


·       Education/ sensibilisation and motivation on the cholera program

·       Preparedness for any eventual storm, hurricane in different schools included 

·       Recapitalization of famers and growers who lose their plantations and animals during the hurricane Isaac. They might have difficulties to send their kids to school next October

·       Building latrines and distribute water filters to families or communities distribute.

·       Create a micro credit program for elders, disables people and their families

·       Transport to deliver materials an foot to volunteers 

Long term:

·       Continue the Education and sensibilisation on Cholera in the schools and communities

·       Protection of irrigation canal to facilitate famers in their plantations and recovers a big percentage of 80% of Plantains (…

·       Organize different seminars/ training for schools,  associations, organizations and community leaders on risk assessment

·       Transportation to deliver  materials and Food to families  

NB:            in 2008 after 4 hurricane hit Haiti, Baie Orange-Bell Anse (sud est of Haiti) we had hunger when many children died. Now we have not only Baie d’ Orange who are Vulnerable but also the commune of Marigot. We need to act now to avoid the hunger crisis. Who is responsible to save lives of thousands children, men and women in the South east of Haiti after two hurricane (Isaac and Sandy)