Poverty is complex. Promises are not.

On March 1 the HTF community in Colorado had the privilege of talking with and hearing from Herbert Artus of Fonkoze’s Chemen Lavi Miyo program.  Herbert’s visit was affirming for HTF supporters and a challenge to not only uphold our promise of ongoing support for CLM but to increase our commitment.

Herbert expressed his gratitude for HTF’s support, saying that CLM became visible to other partners because HTF first believed.  Herbert also explained that with other partners there are no guarantees that support will be ongoing.  HTF is the only partner that CLM can depend on to support each new cohort of families on their 18 month journey out of extreme poverty.

There are many complexities in helping families out of a poverty so desperate that they don’t feel worthy of interacting with people even in their own community.  But one thing that is not complex is delivering on our promises.

…That ALL may have life.