Latest Isaac update from Verbo

Verbo reports that all of the HTF facilities and workers are safe.  The staff is networking with the local government and trying to reach all of the sponsored children and families. We do know that many of their homes received extensive damage.  Here is the latest detailed report from Verbo:

1) 1176 families in temporary shelter - in Marigot 636, in Jacmel 440, and in Bainet 100
2) Flooding (houses) 1221: Bainet 210, Cayes jacmel 32, Cote de fer 370, Grangosier 10,
Jacmel 30, Marigot 561, and Thiotte 1
3) Destroyed houses: 2681
4) Reported Deaths: 6 - some were killed by trees falling down on their houses and others tried to across the river.