Isaac Update

This is a partially report for Hurricane ISAAC last week.

Isaac Report.
Friday and Saturday August 23 and 24th 2012, Hurricane Isaac hit Haiti and left behind deaths, homelessness, destroy houses, garden, animals …….the aggressive Isaac was very impressive for all Haitians.  Comparatively in 2008 Haiti was more prepared. The preparedness reduces the venerability of the Country in term of geographical, deforestation and the quality of life of the population and also the lack of leadership of the Haitian Authority on the Territory management.
The local authorities and the “Societe civile” established in different strategies for preparedness in the whole Southeast Department of Haiti in coordination with the mayors, ASEC, CASEC in all then “communes in the department.
The Centre d’Operation d’ Urgence (COU) is the entity similar with the “EOC” in the US. This entity coordinates by the délégué départemental du Sud Est Mr Pierre Michel LAFONTANT and the « direction de la Protection Civile”
According what we realize as our own assessment and the assessment of different humanitarians partners who coordinate by COU. After Isaac, this partially report shows firsthand the death, injuries, damages houses, destroys houses, Gardens, homelessness in the shelters and animals who get killed in the Hurricane.
Immediate actions:
  • Hygiene kits + education and sensibilisation on Cholera: many latrines destroyed or in the flooding / Risk of Cholera/ Typhoid’s and malaria
  • Security Kits:  material to repair  the damages houses (nails, woods, metal roof…Cortex (girl or women, mattress, sheets, kitchen materials… and food
  • A storage place to secure the materials or donations.
  • Transport of those immediate actions
  • Education/ sensibilities and motivation on the cholera program
  • Preparedness for any eventual storm, hurricane in different schools included pazapa “centre pour enfants handicapes”.
  • Recapitalization of famers and growers who lose their plantations and animals during the hurricane Isaac. They might have difficulties to sent their kids to school next October
  • Building latrines and distribute water filters to families or communities distribute.
  • Create a micro credit program for elders, disables people and their families
  • Transports  to deliver materiel and food for volunteers
Long term:
  • Continue the Education and sensibilisation on Cholera in the schools and communities
  • Protection of irrigation canal to facilitate farmers in their plantations and recovers a big percentage of 80% of Plantains (…
  • Building a cistern for more than 4000 people in one community.
  • Organize different seminars/ training for schools,  associations, organizations and community leaders on risk , assessment,