HELP Tour: Thank you!

From Garry Delice, HELP’s Haiti Country Director:

Pastor Rick,

Thank you for checkingindeed Daphnee Theodule arrived safely in Haiti and I had the chance to meet them before their departure to their respective house.

They did not stop singing your praises for your tenacity and your commitment to HaitiAbout thepeople they encountered in different churches of the HTF networkthey said: “Mr. Delicethere are people there who really love Haiti and we have the impression they love it more than we do. Now we understand the great sacrifice that people there are making in order to sustain program such as HELP and we are ready to share this with the other students.”

I would like on behalf of the HELP staff and students thank you and everyone who facilitatedDaphnee and Theodule’s trip and hosted them during their stay in the United States.

 All my best,