Happy Mother's Day from HTF!

HTF is all about children and we work hard at helping create a future of hope, sustainability, and dignity for the children of Haiti.  But we can’t replace the tireless work and love of mothers.  

Fonkoze’s CLM program supports families led by women.  With the help of caseworkers and their own incredible endurance, CLM mothers raise their families up from the lowest rung of poverty and into true life.

Mama Verbo ® raised a strong family that is committed to raising up children and community.  Verbo Jean-Julien founded our partner organization Tetkole, and his brother and sister, Magloire and Marie-Line also invest their lives in children through their work at Tetkole.

Verbo’s wife, Claudine, is a teacher at the school Verbo founded in his home town of La Montagne and helps each year at HTF’s summer camp.

Marika McRae is the executive director of our partner organization, PAZAPA.  PAZAPA was founded by her mother, Jane McRae, who passed away in 2008.