Colorado Group Update: January 31st

Greetings Brothers and Sisters! Haiti is rockin’. On our drive from St. Joseph down to Jacmel, we experienced newly paved, clean roads the whole way. The first time I rode on those roads in 2005, the majority of the route over the mountains was unpaved and quite rocky. Today, it’s better than driving on Santa Fe. Seriously!

When we arrived in Jacmel we went straight to Pazapa, a day school for special needs kids. We were greeted enthusiastically by developmentally challenged children who in the not-too-distant past would not have been able to go to school at all. But now, they get to attend a very fine school that meets their education needs and provides them a future of hope.

After visiting Pazapa, we checked into Hotel Florita, the hotel where our group was staying when the earthquake occurred. It’s heartening for me to see the hotel in full operation. It’s a magnificent place, one street off the beach and food is absolutely amazing. My heart is full here.

We then walked with our good friends Verbo Jean Julien and Luckner Fond Rose (Maya) to Tetkole, Verbo’s ministry to help families remain intact and children succeed in school. After touring their main building we walked to their temporary shelter where we were blessed to experience a music concert of ten young musicians and their conductor. Many of the instruments used today came from Abiding Hope. Lauren Seyfarth’s trumpet sounded especially good. It brought tears to the eyes of her Dad, Bill.

We then walked back to Florita where we enjoyed an amazing buffet of fish, chicken, plantains, rice and beans. Though the meal was great, we ate knowing that many people throughout Haiti will go to bed hungry. May we all work toward a day when poverty and hunger are only experienced as historical displays in a museum.

Please continue to pray for us and our dear Haitian friends.

Peace and hope,

Pastor Doug