Colorado Group Update: January 30th

From Pastor Doug Hill:

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

Before I left for Haiti, many people asked me how things are going in Haiti’s development. I responded saying, “ I don’t know. I’ll let you know.” Well, things are amazingly positive. I can’t believe how much progress has taken place in the past two years. Our friends at St. Joseph have performed miracles by removing the rubble and building the new facility. The Haitian government has removed almost all of the rubble, has focused on educating kids and creating jobs. The people are hopeful for what lies ahead. Good things are happening indeed!

We saw Jesus today. This morning we rode through Port-au-Prince and up to the Central Plateau to visit the women in the CLM project. CLM (Chemen Lavi Miyo - Path to a Better Life) is a program designed to help the ultra-poor women to become self-sufficient and active participants in their local economy (go to to learn more). We spent much of the day with women who not only are fully supporting their families as a result of CLM but have become leaders in their communities. Every strong women at Abiding Hope should figure out a way to sponsor a women through CLM. These ladies epitomize the female heart and spirit to build family and community in a way that is life-giving to all. 

I am sending a bunch of photos and they speak for themselves. Our group is having an amazing time. Please keep us and the incredible people of Haiti in your prayers.