Colorado Group Update

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, 

What a joy today is! We awoke this morning at the St. Joseph Home for Boys to the roosters and dogs singing praises to God. After getting cleaned up, we enjoyed very fresh mangos, pineapple and papaya for breakfast and then participated in a Spirit-filled worship service. Bill Nathan preached, Walnes and Wootrod sang a gorgeous song, Fignole and Emmanuel led the service. The bronze cast cross that Abiding Hope gave as a gift was prominently displayed on the altar. Michael Geilenfeld spoke at the end of the service about how many were concerned that the new building would not be ready for the dedication but the architects kept saying, “Don’t worry. All is well.” He said that when we worry, we’re called to go to Jesus, THE Architect of life. And when we do we learn that all is well! The tomb is empty and with God all things are possible.

After worship, we road up to Wings of Hope, a home for disabled children. You can’t be around these kids without thinking of Jesus’ words in Matthew 25: “What you do for the least of these, you do for me.” Our team was blessed to feed the kids lunch. How precious and what gifts these kids are! 

After spending the afternoon at Wings, we will travel back to St. Joseph for the evening to once again be serenaded by the roosters and dogs who’s gentle tone whisks us off to sleep. 

Please keep the prayers coming.

Peace and hope,

Pastor Doug