CLM Update: Monique

Monique is part of a group of 100 CLM families supported by HTF that started on the path to a better life in September.  Here’s an update on her progress.


Monique chose goat-rearing and pig-rearing as her two activities, and all her animals are doing well. “They’re eating really well. We feed the pigs some of the feed that [our care manager] got for us, but we find scraps for her too.” She gets a lot of help managing the animals from her husband. His help is important because she is busy managing the baby.

Monique ‘s children showed signs of malnutrition when the program started, but they’re eating much better now, and they look much better.

Like Saintanièse, Monique has received money from her savings club already, but unlike Saintanièse she hasn’t yet been able to come up with a plan. So the money is waiting for her in her Fonkoze savings account. She and Anderson will continue to talk until she can decide on a good way to invest the money.

Her boys like CLM. They especially like to help her and their stepfather manage the goats.