And let others be a gift to you

Over the next several weeks The Atlantic will be doing a series on the economic gap between men and women across the globe.

Consider this:

The data show that across the OECD’s 34 developed nations, on average more women were poor than men at every age in 2008 


If the gap exists in developed nations, it certainly exists in Haiti.  Many HTF friends have seen and heard for themselves the stories of CLM women:

2008 was the year that HTF said yes to support the CLM initiative in the Central Plateau of Haiti.  The program has been wildly successful, bringing women and their families up from the lowest rung of poverty.  CLM currently boasts a 98% graduation rate.

As the holiday season unfolds, consider how you can be a gift to these women and how their stories can be a gift to you by joining us in our fifth annual It’s Not Your Birthday campaign.