Empowering Children

The St. Joseph Family includes St. Joseph's Home for Boys in Petionville, Wings of Hope in Fermathe, and Trinity House in Jacmel. In Petionville and Jacmel the family brings boys in from the streets and raises them as a family of men.  Wings of Hope in Fermathe provides a home for children with disabilities that are otherwise ignored and even feared. The leadership of all three homes include men who were raised in the St. Joseph Family..


St. Joseph Home

The St. Joseph Family has been empowering children to empower others since 1985, when founder Michael Geilenfeld, a former Brother with Mother Teresa's Brothers of Charity, started a small home for boys living on the streets of Port-au-Prince.  

WIngs of Hope

Wings of Hope, the second home in the St. Joseph Family, provides a true home environment for children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities.  The members of the Wings of Hope family are supported in achieving their fullest potential through regular classes, physical and occupational therapy, and daily affirmation of their value.

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Trinity House

The third member of the St. Joseph family is Trinity House.  Trinity House hosts Lekol Sen Trinite, a day school in Jacmel for approximately 120 children, the Nouvo Vi Bakery, and the Rejoice School, a program that provides educational opportunities for restavek children.