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It's Not Your Birthday


Chemen Lavi Miyò, Haitian Creole for “Pathway to a Better Life” is an 18-month program developed by Fonkoze, Haiti’s leading microfinance institution. It was designed with the help of the world’s most respected leaders in eradicating extreme poverty; leaders who have successfully freed families in the most troubled, impoverished nations of the world.

For just $1500 U.S., Fonkoze will:

~ provide the training and weekly one-on-one mentorship needed to lift one family out of extreme poverty

~ grant the family the assets (goats, chickens or merchandise to sell) they need to start a small business

~ offer this same family a weekly stipend for the first eight months until their business begins producing an income so they will no longer need to beg

~ assist participants to repair their homes so they do not leak when it rains and will withstand the winds

~ ensure access to healthcare and safe drinking water through one of Fonkoze’s partners

~ enroll all of the children in school and make sure they have clothes and shoes to attend 

~ graduate the women from Chemen Lavi Miyò at the end of 18 months prepared to enter a traditional microfinace program and build their businesses without further subsidization