2018 Year In Review


As the chair of the Haitian Timoun Foundation, I want to express my sincere gratitude for your support of our mission in 2018.

Last year was one of consistent and steady impact in Haiti. We supported our partners and we kept our promises. Once again we experienced the tenacious spirit of our partners in Haiti. We not only have the honor of supporting their work, but we also celebrate their accomplishments.

From providing University education to deserving college students who will be tomorrow's leaders of Haiti, to freeing women and children from the dehumanizing shackles of ultra-poverty, to fostering community and education for children across the country, we celebrate Haiti's hidden heroes who are working every day to build a future where ALL might have life! 

Below you will see an infographic snapshot of 2018 in review. While there are many data points we celebrate for 2018 we also hold the firm conviction that we can and must do more! 

In the coming weeks and months you will begin to hear more about a new initiative we are launching called Moving Mountains that will seek to significantly increase the numbers of those who are given new and sustainable life filled with hope and dignity. 


In gratitude for your support in 2018 & with tremendous hope for the year ahead, 

Rev. Lorne Hlad